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Care and Maintenance

How do I maintain my planter?

Your new planter is designed and made to withstand the elements, however, they can still scratch, crack, or chip if not handled carefully.

We recommend using a damp cloth to gently wipe away dirt or marks on the planter.

To maintain the color and shine of the planter gently apply automotive detail spray or wax.


Indoor Usage:

Before placing your plant in your newly purchased planter, we recommend inserting a plastic saucer or waterproof liner to prevent possible water leakage (available at most local nurseries or hardware stores). Most plants that are purchased come with a plastic container, please make sure the container is water tight before placing into the planter.


Outdoor Usage:

Holes can be drilled to provide adequate drainage and to avoid excessive water build up due to rain or overwatering. You can also add an exterior saucer or pan under the planter to prevent water from draining onto the surface below.